This page has a few things you should know before you commission me.

By commissioning me, you are confirming that you have read this page and agree with the terms laid out in it.


How do I commission you?

If you want to commission me, you must fill out the commission form, with as much detail as you like. You can even link or post references. Any mail sent without an order form will be considered an informal inquiry.

When should I send payment?

Requests for payment will be sent to you via a Paypal invoice once I have confirmed your commission slot.

Paypal may charge their own fees based on the amount sent – I am not responsible for this, you must account for the additional amount yourself. Currently I only accept payments via Paypal.

Will you begin working on my commission before I have paid?

I will do a basic sketch for you to look over and confirm. After this I require payment.

Will you ever charge more than the original prices you give?

I will sometimes charge more for more complex commissions, but I will notify you of the updated price before beginning the commission.

How long do commissions take?

After I have replied to your commission form and agreed on price and media, most commissions (with the exception of sculptures) can take up to 4 weeks to complete, unless stated differently in a return email from me.

Though configuring the commission during this time after seeing WIP’s, may mean the completion date will need to be revised. I will notify you if this happens.

Can I post the picture to my own gallery?

If you would like to post your commission to your gallery you may do so, but only if you use the watermarked version I provide and credit back to my website.

Can I request for my commission to be private?

You can request for your commission to be completely private, but you must make it clear before payment is sent.

Unless otherwise agreed, I reserve the right to post a commission to my gallery.

Can I use my commission in any commercial projects?

Unless you have specifically bought the rights to the image, you may not use the image commercially. This means you cannot use the image in a way that will make a profit. This includes (but is not limited to) printing on clothing, album covers, art cards, printing in a magazine, or selling prints of the image.

If you would like to use the commission for a commercial project, we can negotiate the cost of the rights.

Commission Usage? (effects commissions from 18/10/2013 onwards)

All commissions are for personal use only unless explicitly agreed before invoicing. In the event that a commission will be used in a commercial situation this will be listed in the invoice.

The artist retains the copyright on the overall image; however the commissioner retains the copyright on their characters.

The artist will ensure that the commissioner’s details are listed with the image when it is made available to others online.

The artist requires the commissioner to ensure that the artist’s details are listed with the image when it is displayed online.

As the artist retains copyright on the overall image the artist may use the image in a commercial situation, including but not limited to, selling physical prints of the commission, stickers and postcards.

The artist will not be required to inform the commissioner of this commercial usage.

All commissions undertaken for commercial use or will have a different terms of service applicable to them; this will be detailed on the invoice.

Will you redraw an image if I am unhappy with it?

I consult my commissioners during the production process and show WIP’s to be approved before work continues, so this is unlikely.

Do you ever refund money without completing a commission?

I try my hardest not to do this, but I retain the right to refund you your payment in full for any reason.

Can I get a refund if you’re taking too long?

You may request a refund, but if I have already started the commission, I retain the right to not honour your request. Any fees taken out by Paypal in the refund process will not be reimbursed.

If I give you a tip, do I get any priority or special treatment?

Tipping, while GREATLY appreciated, doesn’t affect the outcome of your commission. If you want it done by a certain time, please let me know in advance, we can work something out.