I like to explore a variety of deciplines, switching between then depending how I feel or inspired by.


A selection of my recent models. I say recent as I am investing most of my time into this as a personal development project for 2021.



A variety of mediums and subjects: Water colours, Gouache, Concentrated water colour and Acrylic. My favourite way to work.



Created in either Photoshop or Procreate. This method allows me to use found imagery in my work as textures. Enhancing my digital painting.


Monthly patreon stickers

Every month I post out a selection of vinyl stickers to my Patreons’. Some of these are voted, and some months are based on events or pop culture. My Patreons’ are delighted with the art work as well as using these stickers to adorn their belongings. You can join the Patreon below or see the gallery: