Model pricing

Bespoke handmade pieces for you to play, reference and show-off.

New to 2022! You can now submit the below forms for a personalised quote.


Introductory Chibi model

  • Great as a gift!
  • Short limbs and cute style
  • Quick turn around

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Floaty model

  • Perfect for full body models
  • Stylised body features
  • Postage quoted later

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Bust Sculpture

  • Detailed accessorises 
  • Base of choice included
  • Postage quoted later

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Custom to your specifications

Commissions start after full payment has been received. Work-in-progress updates throughout the creative process, allowing changes as the sculpture develops.


packing to protect whilst in transit. Shipping calculated and charged after model is made. This is due to models varying in weight when completed.

Please note, all model commissions must be quoted, accepted and paid in full before work can begin.