Merry Christmas!


This year’s Christmas card was a special one. I wanted to feature Pixel again with a little twist. I love Japanese animated  films, in particular ‘The cat returns’ and ‘A Whisker Away’. Both you can now watch on Netflix currently. They both feature a fantasy world of cats, walking and talking! Showing the easy-going life of cats, quickly turning into a rollercoaster of realization as the lines blur between human and cat.

Painted in gouache and acrylic inks over a period of 2 hours. I will need to invest in a better camera and stand… sadly, it was too late when I realized the footage had a slow tilt. Forgive me!

Let me know what you think via Youtube comments <3

Monthly patreon stickers

Every month I post out a selection of vinyl stickers to my Patreons’. Some of these are voted, and some months are based on events or pop culture. My Patreons’ are delighted with the art work as well as using these stickers to adorn their belongings. You can join the Patreon below or see the gallery: