Up coming Exhibitions

JFTW 2019 “It came from the Silver Screen” Confirmed

Confuzzled 2019 “The Brok from B.A.D.G.E.R.” Confirmed

Scotiacon 2019 Possible

Past Exhibitions

Confuzzled 2013 “The Middle Ages: A Mediaeval Fayre”

Confuzzled 2014 “The World of Tomorrow”

Scotiacon 2014 “Superheroes and Villains”

Confuzzled 2015 “Wonderland”

Scotiacon 2015 “Apocalypse”

JFTW 2016 “Debut”

Confuzzled 2016  “Carnival of the Night”

UCA MA show 2016

JFTW 2017 “Wonders of the Industrial Revolution”

Confuzzled 2017  “Most Excellent Adventure”

JFTW 2018 “Pier Pressure”

Confuzzled 2018  “Let’s Play!”