~ About Stefi ~

Welcome to my portfolio website. If you like fabulous ladies, fantasy creatures and romantic environments, you’ve come to the right place.

I am primarily a self-taught digital painter, although I revisited my traditional roots during my Masters in Illustration. Combining them to enhance my work both on and off the computer screen. I overlay and play with found textures I take of interesting materials I find on my mini exploration trips. My messy style and love of textures have really lent to my work and process. Often people mistake my digital for traditional painting!

I enjoy drawing anthropomorphized deities and animals, playing with personifications. Often using animal features to express a characters feelings and experiences, or just for fun! I love to design fantasy characters from fantasy realms, and have found various ‘online’ societies to be inviting of my work. Most of my commissions currently come from these societies of escapism. In the last few years i traveled to various geek/fantasy conventions all over the UK to sell and promote my work. My fan base has gradually built up around my Romantic feminism style, which is often absent in game/fandom conventions largely attended by men.

I am known as Stefi Heartlilly by my fans, online fandoms and at the conventions I attend. You’ll find me drawing in my spare time and gaming. So much so the two worlds have now crossed over, heavily inspiring my work. I do commission work as often, mainly for individuals who want character concepts. I also attend as many conventions as I can, as an attendee and artist.

Please check out the rest of my website for my work and contact information. I now also have an Etsy store for anyone to purchase limited runs of my work. Etsy Store Open!

Where you'll find me

I try to attend as many weekend events and conventions as possible,, so keep an eye out!

These are the conventions and exhibitions I’ll be attending this year, exhibiting and selling my wares. Special pieces will also appear in various Auctions! Please come take a look if you are attending, I will be more than happy to answer questions you have about my work.

Schedule for 2019

Confuzzled! My Dealers Den spot has been confirmed for 2019.

After that i’ll be heading to JFTW to help out as their Creative Director and also be in the Dealers Den. See below image link for more infomation.